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Pzl-technology - dll-based component approach 

VpPuZzle is set of agreements to build VIP-based applications on the basis of the standard VIP packages placed into DLLs. The VIP package fitted to PZL-technology agreements is named pzl-Component . The VIP project (executable or DLL), which contains pzlComponents, organized in a special way, is named pzl-Container . The pzl-container, which is the DLL, is named dll-container. The VpPuZzle is created to work with the Visual Prolog Pro version. 

The pzl-technology includes:

The Information regarding the pzl-technology

The general concept, which is the basis of the Pzl-technology, described in VpPuZzle. Observe

The agreements, which pzl-Components must fit, described in the manual Pzl-Component.

The programmer may communicate with the Pzl-system by means of predicates of classes, which are described in

The description of the Elementary PzlStudio placed to the document Elementary PzlStudio. Parts of this document may be found also separately.