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WorkSpace Manager 
Version 2.0

Adding and deleting files

The operations of adding and deleting files are performed using the Add File (s) and Manipulate Entity sections.

Add file

Files in the group can be added only those that have extensions registered in the properties of the workspace.
To add a file to a group:

Batch file upload

Adding list of files from the selected directory is performed using the Add From Folder icon.
This invokes a dialog to select a directory. From the selected directory, all files with extensions registered in the current workspace are added to the selected group. Only files whose extensions are selected using the filter will be visible.

Delete file

To delete a file:
The selected file can also be deleted with the keyboard Delete key.
To delete a group of files, select the list of files and use either the Delete File icon or the keyboard Delete button.

Note: deleting files from a Folder  node is not performed (as opposed to a group), deleted files are only marked with their (selected) color.

Check for the existence of files

If a file is included in the list of workspace files, but it is not physically present, WSM detects this when:
In the latter case, the physical existence of the files is checked for the selected node (and all its subnodes).
The current version of WSM does not check for the existence of files continuously.