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WorkSpace Manager 
Version 2.0

WorkSpace structuring

The tree in the left part of the form is a logical representation of the user about his work space. Initially, the tree contains only one node - the root, and all the files on the right side (if any) belong to this node. The user can create an arbitrary tree structure.
There are two types of tree nodes - a group (Group) and a folder (Folder).

A group can contain subgroups and it can belong to an arbitrary number of files. The group provides operations for adding, deleting files and moving them.

The folder corresponds to the directory of disk space and contains only those files whose types are defined in WSM, and which are contained in the directory and its subdirectories.
Folder cannot contain groups. The user can move files in the folder and (conditionally) delete them. Deleted files remain visible and change only the display brightness on the screen. The user can return the file to the active state.

Processable workspace files can be structured after they are included in the space or they can be added to an existing structure. Any file can be moved to any node in the tree, which represents the structure of the workspace.

In the right part of the form, all files of the group selected on the left are displayed, including all files of all subgroups and folders. This allows you to perform operations either on all the files in the workspace, or only on the part currently in focus of the user.

Drag-and-drop operations can be performed on the file list and on the tree, which allows you to quickly rearrange priorities and processing strategies.

Moving files in the list is possible using the keyboard Ctrl-Up, Ctrl-Down.

Adding Groups and Folders

The following operations with groups are allowed (the current group is the one on which the focus is set):
Adding a group or folder can be done either using the control panel or through the right-click menu.
To add a group or folder, the group must be selected.
Addition is always made to the end of the list of group elements.
Adding a group changes only the structure of the group.

When a folder is added, a file dialog is called where the directory should be selected. If the dialog is successfully closed, all files in this directory and all the underlying directories that have registered extensions will be added to the field of the list of working files.

Deleting groups and folders

The group or folder that is marked in the workspace tree may be deleted.
In this case, the Delete Node button appears in the Manipulate Entity section.
To remove a tree node:
When you activate a delete operation, you will need to confirm.
When a group or folder is deleted, all files belonging to the group or folder are deleted from the application's memory.

Rename a group or folder

Any group can be renamed.
To rename a node (group or folder) in the workspace tree, click once on the node name or activate the Rename item of the right-clicking menu.

Moving group or folder

Any tree node can be moved to any other place:
When performing an operation using the keyboard or the control panel, the selected node moves through the tree sequentially, automatically opening and entering the lowest-lying nodes.
When performing the Drag-and-Drop operation with the mouse, after releasing the mouse button, a pop-up menu appears prompting you to place the node to be moved:
Neither group nor folder during move operations can be placed in a folder.

Moving Files

Any file visible in the file list on the right can be moved up or down to change the order in which the files are processed.
Relocation can be performed:
When performing an operation using the keyboard or control panel, the selected file is moved through the tree sequentially.
When performing the Drag-and-Drop operation with the mouse, after releasing the mouse button, a pop-up menu appears prompting you to place the node to be moved:
The move operation with the keys (or control panel arrows) stops when the group boundary is reached. Confirmation is required to move to another group.

Failure of the operation is canceled.

Moving files between groups

Any file (except for the folder) can be moved to any group using the Drag-and-Drop operation, that is, dragging and dropping a file from the right side (list of files) to the left side (to the group of the workspace tree).

Row color management

For the lines of the file list panel, you can set the color of characters and the background color.
Color can be set separately for files belonging to groups and separately for files belonging to folders.
In addition, you can set your own color characteristics for deleted folder files.

To set the color:

In the Font Color of FileList table, the colors are set for the selected row.
Set FG Color causes a form to select the color of characters.
Set BG Color causes a shape to select a background color.