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SpbVipSolutions Version 3.1 (built by VipCe v.904)

New: The Application Frame - project template to create a set of variants of the same application based on the BackEnd-FrontEnd concept.
WorkSpace Manager (project and application). Functionality was not changed compare to version 2.0

If you have the noncommercial Vip version, then you may run ready to use applications (included).


Version 3.1
The PdcVipSolutions  - is the set of tools, examples, and projects as the additions to PDC Visual Prolog official product.

The main content of  PdcVipSolutions for today is
    SpbProjects (key items)
        WorkSpace Manager - see the Description
    SpbSolutions (key items)
        Application template FeBe (client-server application) - see the Description
        Packs -  Supporting mentioned projects, examples, and templates
    SpbExamples (key items), executable included
        FeBe       - Application Frame template usage example 
        Polyline   - 14 Steps from primitive console application to Pzl-based WinGui application
        vpPuzzle - some simple examples of usage of pzlSystem

How To Run (there may be Windows warnings about the absence of an MS certificate, we offer to agree to launch)

1.Go to
2. Download
    SpbVipTools as
    SpbExamples as
    WS_Manager as
    DelFiles as
    SetSpbVipTools as
3. Place all content  to one directory with the structure and  names as shown below (remove suffixes like _master).
SpbRSolutions (the root directory may have any other name)
    SpbExamples (corresponds to SpbExamples in GitHub)
    SpbProjects (must be created)
        DelFiles (corresponds to DelFiles in GitHub)
        WS_Manager  (corresponds to WS_Manager in GitHub)
        SetSpbToolsToVip (corresponds to SetSpbToolsToVip in GitHub)
    SpbVipTools (corresponds to SpbVipTools in GitHub)
    SpbVipTools is the set of packages to support projects.
4. Run applicaion  SpbVipTools\Bin\SetSpbToolsToVip.exe, which prepares IDE variables, templates and settings.
5. Run the  application SpbVipTools\Bin\WorkSpaceManager.exe, it will open predefined SpbVipTools\UserWS\DemoWorspace.wsm workspace.

WorkSpace Manager

The documentation for the WorksSpace Manager placed at SpbRSolutions/Bin/wsmAppData, where you can find
    ReadMe(En/Ru).pdf - the instruction how to build and run applications
    WorkSpaceManager(En/Ru).pdf - the general Info regarding the tool
    wsm_help(En/Ru).chm    -  the standard MS Help, which also may be called from the WorkSpaceManager.exe application.

WorkSpaceManager also is represented as the integration of http-based Backend and http-based Frontend.
The main purpose was to get the list of tasks to be solved in the future.

The examples, which are used, was built many years ago. They have updated just to feet the VIP9x status.

Application Frame

Application Frame based on the approach used in the WorkSpaceManager but all mechanizms was drammatically changed.
Application Frame  can serve as the basis for applications that :
AppFrame templates are placed to the directory SpbVipTools\AppData\ProjectTemplates\Febe.
The AppFrameCookBook is placed as the WinHelp  SpbVipTools\Doc\AppFrame\AppFrameCookBookEn.chm.
The directory SpbExamples\Febe contains the example of the created set of projects


SpbRSolutions Version 2.0
Contained drammatically updated variant of the WorkSpace Manager (project and application).
SpbRSolutions Version 1.0
Contained the very first variant of the WorkSpace Manager (project and application).